French Postcards & Sinister Sheep Ceremonies

Now I’m no marketing guru, but what impression some of the French postcard makers are trying to give to tourists I can’t work out. We live in a beautiful village – it actually has the official title “L’un des plus beaux villages du France / One of the most beautiful villages in France”.  It has a medieval square with awesome ancient archways, gorgeous flowers everywhere and a stunning church.

Here’s a picture I took, to give you an idea:

France, village square, medieval, architecture, beautiful
Beautiful village square

And this is what some PR genius decided would make a good keepsake to take away or to send to friends to give them an idea of the area’s loveliness:

Truffles, market, France, nose, picking, postcard, village
Scruffy men at a truffle market

A man picking his nose next to a box of dirty-looking truffles! This is an actual postcard on sale in the beautiful village square.

Once I’d spotted this I couldn’t help but notice these other gems:

Old woman, France, cat, postcard
Cat lady

I asked around as to what on earth this was about, and people mainly just shrugged though one person did say this woman and her cat are apparently well known in the area.

So when we went on a trip to the coast about a 3-hour drive away this weekend I had a quick glance at the postcard stand to see if the standard was the same. Check out this beauty:

Sheep, Les Landes, France, postcard
Strange sheep ceremony

What the heck is going on here?! We asked in the shop but were yet again met with shrugs. Some sort of sheep shearing ceremony, or something more sinister?

Answers on a postcard…

2 thoughts on “French Postcards & Sinister Sheep Ceremonies

  1. Elaine Anderson

    Welcome to SW France. Are you actually in the Landes? We are in the Pays Basque (profound), so between the Landes and the Spanish border. Have been here for 17 months altho’ we have had the house almost 8 years. Any help you need please contact us via SFN.


    1. Very kind Elaine thanks! We’re in the Dordogne but popped to the coast for the weekend, and we’re moving to the Alps for the summer next week! Hope you’re enjoying the weather!


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